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Welcome to the Premier Laser Clinic

Welcome to the Premier Laser Clinic - one of the leading clinics for laser hair removal in London and Surrey.

Here at the Premier Laser Clinic, we use the world's leading technologies to deliver innovative laser procedures and revolutionary skin treatments - all achieving visible and fast results.

World Class Laser Hair Removal in London and Kingston (Surrey)

We have many years' experience delivering first class hair removal and skin treatments in our laser skin clinics in London and Surrey. Our Skin and Laser Hair Removal clinics can be found in Notting Hill , Clapham , Aldgate , Kingston (Surrey) and Fulham where our expert and professionally trained staff are on hand to provide advice, support and Harley Street quality treatments at cost effective prices.

True Laser Hair Removal

We are well known for our laser hair removal procedures because we only use true laser hair removal technology and not IPL. We find that our clients achieve more effective results this way.

For anyone seeking effective and visible hair removal on any area of their body, laser hair removal can provide liberating results for both men and women, so you can stop shaving and waxing any enjoy smooth, hair free skin.

Laser hair removal / remover

Specialist Skin Treatments

Not only this, but we also offer a wide range of specialist skin treatments including Anti Ageing treatments, Laser & IPL treatments Facial treatments, Body treatments and other Enhancement treatments. Many of our treatments can be carried out within the hour, by licensed specialists in a clean and safe environment.

Free Patch Test and Consultation

The Premier Laser Clinic is waiting for your call today, so why not book a free and no obligation consultation in your nearest clinic. We also offer a free patch test and consultation, so you can fully understand the treatment and get to know our friendly staff.

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We are committed to sourcing the safest, most effective laser treatments to deliver superior results.
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Achieve long-term skin health and luminosity - Whatever your skin type, concern or need.
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Experience a new level of body confidence with transformative treatments.

happy with the results

4 5 1
I have been having laser for years with many different machines and therapist. I came to the kingston clinic a couple of years back and am so happy with the results (don't be scared off by the fact I've coming for a couple of years, that's only because of my hair growth). They have always done a great job. Then one day Safeera joined and all my treatments have been with her since. I always request her as she is an absolute pleasure to be around, very honest about my treatments and wants to see results, and knows how to make you feel at ease. Highly recommend her! Also the very sweet and lovely jasmine on reception always a pleasure to chat too :) a lovely team!

very impressed with every treatment

5 5 1
I have been visiting Premier Laser in Kingston for just over a year now and have been very impressed with every treatment I have had and the support and advice throughout. Jasmine is an asset to the business, always making helpful treatment recommendations and product advice - she is a wealth of knowledge and always takes the time to stop for a chat when I see her. It is this sort of service that keeps me coming back, even when other places pop up in the local vicinity. The laser here is also of excellent quality and again, the service brilliant. Where previous courses of IPL have failed, the laser treatments at Premier Laser have succeeded. Catherine is a great therapist and does brilliantly effective face peels and Jean is a very talented plastic surgeon and aesthetics practitioner, his Botox treatments have been great and he has even corrected some badly applied filler for me that a received elsewhere. I wont be going elsewhere for my treatments again! Thanks Kingston team!

Great clinic

5 5 1
Great clinic (Clapham). Very professional and friendly staff, pain free laser hair removal. No pressure to spend more money. Can book sessions and use flexibly as the credit never expires also a very reasonable refund policy. I highly recommend!


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Premier Laser Clinic (UK) LTD is rated 4.53 stars by Reviews.co.uk based on 111 merchant reviews

4.53 / 5 Rating
111 Reviews
so i went for a consultation and what i expected and wanted to hear was: based on your skin type this machine will work best as the laser penetrates/or doesnt penetrate deeply, its safer to use this machine than this one, the hair type will response better on this machine, you should expect to see results, in some rare cases you could experience paradox hair growth, the machines are FDA approved, explain the different lasers diode, alexanderlit....etc but instead this is what i heard (for one whole HOUR): I worked in harley street for 13 years (dunno why i was supposed to be impressed!) i am a collage lecturer, i've used ND YAG laser on my whole body in the 1999's i saw amazing results on my body you can see the results here! i have clients from the middle east they all come to me. VERY pointless consultation where all what the therapist did was BRAG
At the beginning, I went to try Spectra Laser at Clapham branch, booked 3 sessions. Everything was great, Cathy and Jana were professional, as well as the staff. All my appointments went well, on time and done perfectly. Then, I moved to Fulham branch, because it's closer to my work. I booked 3 sessions straight away. My first appointment didn't go how I expected it to be (like in Clapham branch). I filled in the form they gave me, and informed them that I had done 3 sessions (the same exact laser treatment) at Clapham. The laser therapist was nice, but I was so dissatisfied with how the process went. It was so quick, and I barely felt anything on my face. I could compare it because I had it done before. I went to complain, the receptionist was listening and taking it professionally. I got another appointment for a review to discuss about my complain. I saw a different laser therapist to resolve my complain. They gave me another form to fill in. I already told them I had filled one form before, but because they couldn't find my previous form, I just filled in again anyway just to get over it. On that review appointment, they agreed to give me another additional session to make up the disappointing one. So I went to the appointment they gave me for the 2nd appointment. When I got there, they told me that it was written as a review appointment, they insisted that it was for the review. I told them I had already done the review. After a bit of elaboration, finally a laser therapist took me in, but I had to wait 1 hour from the supposed to be my slot. I was pretty annoyed. And, then, my 3rd appointment, I needed to reschedule, because I got sick. When I was on the phone, the receptionist couldn't find my form, again. She told me she would call me back. I was waiting and waiting, nobody called me. So I called her, and told her that she was supposed to call me. Because I was already annoyed, I told her that Fulham branch lost my form again, she tried to defend that she didnt lose it, she just couldnt find it. Duh. Finally I got my appointment. The only appointment that went well was the last one, with Ruochen. She's very knowledgeable and helpful. She performed the laser treatment perfectly. I'd recommend the Clapham one, but not the Fulham one. I see great result at Fulham as well, but THE MANAGEMENT NEEDS A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS. I regretted I changed to that branch.
Spent almost 2K on treatments at the Liverpool st branch which failed to work for me unfortunately. I contacted the manager to discuss my concerns though she was extremely unhelpful and customer service was poor. Overall, I had a bad experience and have been left disappointed as I wasted a lot of money - I would not recommend this clinic.