Full Body – Laser Hair Removal

£2,140.00 £1,712.00

SPECIAL OFFER: This special offer has a saving of £428 off Full Body Laser Hair Removal over multiple sessions in our London clinics.

Laser Hair Removal is used by both men and women to permanently remove excess or unwanted hair. Experience up to 90% reduction of your body hair. Popular areas treated every day in our 8 London clinics include:

Legs | Back | Chest | Bikini | Brazilian | Hollywood | Underarms | Face | Arms 

Our clients tell us their excess hair is unsightly, unattractive, uncomfortable and requires constant maintenance which is time consuming and costly. If you have darker toned skin, see our laser hair removal  for dark skin treatment with Nd:YAG  lasers.

Traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving or waxing, are temporary before hair grows back thicker and stronger. This can be especially troubling with facial hair. Shaving and plucking also encourages painful ingrown hairs and annoying skin irritations. That is why more people are choosing laser for hair removal. It is fast, effective, safe and a great investment in yourself.