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  • Interest free
  • 12 month repayment plan
  • Only 20% deposit

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Interest-Free Payment Plans

  • Interest free
  • 12 month repayment plan
  • Only 20% deposit
  • Extended repayment plans available

Spend £700 or more in our clinics and spread the cost over 12 months, subject to a 20% deposit, and what's best is its interest free!

Want to spread payments out a little more? That's fine, we also offer a 24 month finance credit, subject to APR and a deposit.

Premier Laser Clinic Limited & London Premier Laser Clinic W2 Limited are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to apply?

Usually no more than 15 minutes within clinic hours.

What to I need to bring with me to apply for finance?

You will need to bring a bank card that is registered in your name and to your home address. This card will be used to take your deposit.

When do my payments start?

Payments start 30 days after you accept loan.

Can I pay off lump sums / and or make larger payments?

Yes. You can contact our finance partner, Omni Capital, to discuss your options and make additional payments in addition to your contractual monthly payment, which will mean the loan will finish earlier and you will pay less interest.

Can I settle my payment early?

Yes. You can finish the finance at any time and you will be provided contact details of our finance partner, Omni Capital, when you make your application.

What if I'm not sure I can afford the payments?

You can ask the clinic to put the agreement over a slightly longer period which will reduce your monthly payment. If you are still unsure you should look to pay by other means or wait until your circumstances change.

If I get declined can someone guarantor me?

The term guarantor is not correct. If you are unable to obtain the finance yourself, then a parent/guardian or partner could apply on your behalf. However, then they would become the borrower not yourself and they would be liable in full for all payments and the outstanding load.


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