The Vampire Facelift (PRP)

The Vampire Facelift (PRP) is so named because it requires the patient’s blood as part of the process but it is not as grim as it sounds! This very popular treatment gives fantastic anti-ageing results on the face and avoids the need for cosmetic surgery. It can help create a more youthful, naturally fuller face and brighter skin tone.

There are several advantages to the Vampire Facelift procedure. Firstly, the injections cause no bruising. There is no risk of you rejecting the treatment as it uses your own blood. And the treatment is also long lasting, with an average of 15 months before a repeat procedure is required.

Quick Overview of your treatment
Procedure time

Up to an hour depending on the size of the areas being treated


No downtime

Duration of results

Long term results, up to 15 months


More youthful look, fine lines and wrinkles reduced, brighter and smoother skin

Patients can see great results including an improved skin tone. The clarity and volume of the skin will also improve. Your skin will appear brighter, smoother and younger.

The physician will take a couple of teaspoons of your blood and isolate the platelets from that blood. He will then apply these to the face by an injection method. The injection is a very fine needle and as such is not painful. The multi-potent stem cells will become activated, which encourages the growth of new tissue, including new collagen and new fatty tissue. It will also encourage new blood vessels for a healthy glow.

The procedure basically activates the magic of your own blood to help your body renew its skin, resulting in a youthful, sculpted and natural appearance.

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What are the side effects?

There are very few side effects. Some patients see a reddening of the skin which is normal. The solution absorbs naturally into the patient’s skin, which reduces the chance of bruising or swelling.

Can this procedure be used in conjunction with others?

Yes, many people combine this treatment with laser procedures and dermal fillers, for example. Your consultation will help to determine if you might benefit from a combined treatment to ensure you are getting the best for your skin.

Quoted by Dr. at consultation

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