What is the swelling time from Coolsculpting?

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Swelling after coolsculpting will occur naturally after the treatment. It helps with fat cell elimination.

Coolsculpting swelling can take up to 2-3 week depending from person to person. However, the swelling won’t get up to a level where it limits one’s daily activities.

After coolsculpting treatment, patients can get back to their regular daily activities immediately. The bruising, swelling and the tenderness is won’t be at a high level.


As Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure, there is no healing process, hence no recovery required.

However, you can reduce the discomfort caused by the swelling after your coolsculpting treatment.

Wear comfortable clothes and take it easy

After your coolsculpting treatment, you can even directly go to work. There is no recovery time needed. However the more comfortable you keep your body, the easier your body will get over the process.

Massage the area

After your treatment, your clinician will perform an intense massage to the treatment area. This way the fat cells will break up easier. To reduce the swelling and help to get rid of the dead fat cells, you can massage the area as often as you can.

Keep moving

Coolsculpting effects are more visible when it is supported by a healthy and active lifestyle. But also, staying physically active will also help your body to speed up the fat flushing phase. your swelling will be disappeared quicker.

Stay hydrated

After your coolsculpting treatment, your body will flush out the dead fat cells with natural ways. Drinking more water will help you get rid of the fat cells and also increase your metabolism

Don’t take anti-inflammatories

We all usually prefer to have anti-inflammatories to make our lives easier.

However, the swelling and inflammation after coolsculpting occur naturally. So it is a good response from your body to the coolsculpting treatment. So try not to use an anti-inflammatory after your coolsculpting treatment.

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