What average weight loss can I get with Coolsculpting?

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Coolsculpting is a fat reduction treatment, not a weight-loss method.

Coolsculpting is performed with special applicators with different sizes. And it targets the fat tissue on the specific area.

With applying cool temperatures on the target area, coolsculpting freezes the fat cells, breaks them, and the dead cells then leave the body in natural ways.

After the treatment, there is a 25-30% fat reduction on the treatment area. However, this doesn’t result in a significant weight loss.

Most of the weight loss treatments get rid of the fat, muscle and water from the body. And you will start seeing better results on the scale. But depending on your lifestyle and the area you’ve lost the majority of your weight, you can gain the weight back very easily. With traditional weight loss methods, to burn the fat, you would need to bring many different practices together. Such as low-calorie diet and fat burning high-intensity exercises. Even though you follow them religiously, you won’t only lose the fat. And some stubborn fat areas may not be affected.

However, coolsculpting only gets rid of your fat in the targeted area. Depending on the person, area, and the aftercare; results may vary. But after the treatment, you will only lose the fat tissue which is much more targeted results than any of weight loss methods.

With your coolsculpting results, you will also see a significant reduction on the size and measurement of the area.

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