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The best areas for Coolsculpting are the areas where there is ‘pinchable’ surface fat. The human body has two kinds of fatty tissue:

1. Fat closer to the surface of your skin
2. Denser fat located deeper in the body

Fat closer to the surface is more suited to CoolSculpting, whereas the deeper fat can’t be reached and treated.

As a rough guide, fat which can be pinched between your fingers including tummy rolls, bingo wings, inner thighs and double chin is perfect for CoolSculpting. You will need to be able to pinch enough fat to fill the Coolsculpting suction pad.

Most of the areas people want treating are highly visible with fat close to the surface which Coolsculpting can easily treat. The most popular areas and the Coolsculpting applicator used :

1. Abdomen: Everyone has pinchable stomach fat, although some people have more of a pinch then others!. It is a commonplace and the first place fat goes to in many people. Diet and exercise are effective to get rid of unwanted belly fat although that last roll or ‘pinch’ can be stubborn to shift with dieting and exercise alone. Coolsculpting provides a helping hand to get the shape you are aiming for and with impressive results have been experienced by many Coolsculpting since it became popular.

Applicator used: CoolCore

The applicator matches the shape of most stomachs so is perfect for treating the upper and lower areas of the stomach.

2. Flanks: Your flanks are the sides of your waist. Sometimes called “love handles” or “muffin top” that fat that spills over the top of your skirt or trousers responds well to CoolSculpting. Even if you have lost weight, fat from the sides, making you look wider can be harder to shift. Your wardrobe will fit better and confidence will be sky high and you will no longer have to cover up anymore.

Applicator used: CoolFit

 This applicator is perfect to treat long straight body areas like the flanks or inner thighs

3. Double chin: Chin fat can now be treated with Coolsculpting. Since 2015 with the introduction of the new mini applicator demand for this procedure has proved to be one of the most popular treatments. It is the most searched Coolsculpting body part and responds excellently to CoolSculpting. One treatment lasting around 35 minutes is usually all that is required. Results are fully realised 3-4 months after treatment after your body has removed all the fat cells from your body.

Applicator used: CoolMini

This miniature applicator was released in 2015 and has been designed to specifically treat smaller areas like chin fat amongst others.

4. Thighs: Both inner and outer thighs can be treated. It is easier to pinch inner thigh fat then outer thigh fat as it is closer to the surface. Many people are looking to contour their legs so there is more of a noticeable gap between both thighs, which add definition to legs. “Saddle bags” or outer thigh fat has fat at the right level and can be treated with a range of applicator sizes depending on your body shape and size.

Applicator used: CoolSmooth Pro

This applicator lies flat on the treated area and is the only applicator not to use suction. It is best suited to treat dense areas like the outer thighs with inner thighs using the Coolfill applicator mentioned above

5. Upper Arms: ‘Bingo wings’ can be treated as long as there are fatty deposits in the arms and not just loose sagging skin hanging from your arms.  Lumpier fat around the arms, when treated with Coolsculpting, respond well. Most clinics will be able to treat both arms at the same time if they have a pair of applicators. This will cut your treatment time in half, some clinics can only perform one arm at a time as the will not have the additional attachments. Arms will be charged as 2 cycles as it is counted as 2 separate treatments. Make sure you clarify this with your Coolsculpting practitioner.

Applicator used: CoolPetite

Another newly released applicator is designed to treat the fat in the upper arms.

6. Back fat: Coolsculpting is effective for treating fat on the back. As the back is a large area, treatments can be targeted at the lower, middle or upper back. From love handles up to “bra fat”. It is a really great way to shape your body and drawing it in in the right places and avoid it spilling out in the wrong places.

Applicator used: CoolCurve

The CoolCurve is designed to tackle narrow and curved areas like bra fat, bra back or love handles.

7. Underneath the buttocks: Pockets of fat underneath the buttocks also know as ‘banana rolls’ are treatable with Coolsculpting. Smoothing out the area to make it appear more contoured and slimmer so it blends in with the rest of your legs up to your buttocks.

Applicator used: CoolCurve

The CoolCurve tackles narrow and curved areas, making it ideal for banana roll treatment.

8. Knees: Since the release of the new CoolMini applicator knee fat can now be targeted. Knees can be prone to store fat and with one session of Coolsculpting you can be on your way to more shapely legs.

Applicator used: CoolMini

This miniature applicator released in 2015, has been designed to specifically treat smaller areas like knee, chin and armpit fat.

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