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Many pieces of research and key studies have been carried out by reputable health authorities for cryolipolysis.

In the clinical studies, the experiments showed that the cryolipolysis treatments reduce the bulk fat at the treatment site by up to 25-30% after only one treatment.

Within the current non-invasive fat reduction treatments, fat freezing has been found as the most effective option with minimal discomfort.

Even if someone is following a healthy diet and regular exercise, the body’s response to the daily activities might depend on the metabolism, age, gender, and other factors. And sometimes no matter how much you work towards them, some bulk fat tissue can form on the certain areas of the body. It is often very hard to get rid of and is highly resistant.

Coolsculpting treatment is based on the discovery that the fat cells can be permanently damaged by the cold temperature without harming the surrounding skin, tissue, or other organs. [MOU1]

The main reason that Coolsculpting is highly effective on stubborn fat is that it directly targets the excess fat. [MOU2]

The temperature that coolsculpting performs is cold enough for the fat bulges to freeze and the fat cells to die. But the treatment is also safe on the other parts of the body.

During the treatment, a gel pad is placed on the treatment area. Which protect the skin from any damage such as frostbite or permanent bruising.

And if you are worried about the coolsculpting to damage your inner organs, you don’t have to worry. The cold temperature can only affect the fat tissue.

During your consultation, your clinician will make sure that you have enough fat tissue to perform the procedure. If the fat tissue is not thick enough, the treatment will not be performed in that area.

You can make sure that the cold is only going to affect the fat cells. To see if you can have coolsculpting treatment on any part of your body if you can squeeze the fat on the area, coolsculpting can treat.

Coolsculpting is an FDA cleared treatment. FDA is reliable for protecting the public health by ensuring the food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics etc. are safe for consumption and use. [MOU3]

Getting FDA clearance means that coolsculpting treatment has been reviewed and tested by the Food and Drug Administration. And it is cleared as the treatment and the machine is effective, up to standard and safe to perform.

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