Does coolsculpting help with stretch marks?

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Stretch marks occur when the skin gets stretched by a rapid pull or growth.

Our skin is quite elastic. However, with a fast weight gain, pregnancy, bodybuilding or some surgeries, skin gets pulled significantly faster than it can produce enough collagen to stretch.

Coolsculpting freezes the excessive fat tissue under the skin. But it doesn’t affect the skin itself.

During your coolsculpting treatment, your expert place a gel pad between the coolsculpting applicator and your skin. This way any unwanted skin side effects will be eliminated. And the applicator doesn’t touch your skin directly.

There are many stretch mark removal methods available. The treatments work through creating monitored damage on the skin and promotes collagen production on the skin. While your skin works on repairing the current damage, your stretch marks also get repaired by new collagen your skin produces.

However, coolsculpting does not damage or effect your skin in any form. Hence, it will not help with stretch marks or any other skin concern.

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