Does coolsculpting have any side effects?

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Coolsculpting is the safest FDA cleared Cryolipolysis treatment. Although it might cause some side effects.

Common side effects of coolsculpting:

  • pinching and tingling sensation during the treatment
  • temporary numbness or redness
  • mild pain
  • feeling cold

Uncommon side effects of coolsculpting:

  • bruising
  • skin sensitivity
  • minor swelling
  • tenderness
  • diarrhoea as dead fat cells are removed from the body

Rare side effects of coolsculpting:

  • paradoxical adipose hyperplasia

This side effect occurs mostly in men with an incidence of 0.0051%.

This means the fat cells in the treatment side grow and stuck together rather than getting smaller. This is a cosmetic rather than a physically dangerous side effect.

If this side effect occurs, our clinic will offer you a free liposuction treatment to get rid of the side effect and the excess fat.

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