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Thinking about Coolsculpting your double chin or ‘chin fat’?. With the new Coolsculpting ‘mini applicators’ you can now say goodbye to your double chin for good. The medical term for a double chin is Submental fat. The most common cause is not weight gain but age.

As most people hit their thirties fat is stored certain areas. The chin is a favourite place for fat to hide!.

Fat can be reduced by up to 30% – making a huge difference in this small and highly visible area.

Coolsculpting is a popular and proven way for removing double chins. Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is also an FDA cleared cryolipolysis procedure.

If you are thinking about getting rid of your chin fat you may have researched liposuction or fat dissolving injections. The advantage of Coolsculpting is it is effective, gentler, non-invasive and a more affordable way to go about removing fat.

coolsculpting double chin before and after photo

What happens during a coolsculpting chin fat session?

During your Coolsculpting session the applicator is carefully positioned and strapped into place. Once started your skin will being to feel very cold for the first few minutes before going what is described as going ‘pleasantly numb’.

You may experience a little discomfort during your session which should last around 35-45 minutes.

You will have to keep your head in one place with pillows helping you get comfortable.

After the fat freezing part finishes, your practitioner immediately massages the area to help break up your fat which has now crystallised. This optimises cell death.

How long do chin fat results take?

For a few hours afterwards your skin may appear pink. Your body will then go to work metabolising the damaged fat cells over the days, weeks and months ahead.

After ten days you should gradually begin to notice results. A month later you should keep seeing improvements. Your body is still removing fat from your session.

Full results should be realised after 3-4 months although your body will still produce results for up to 6 months.

coolsculpting double chin area before and after photo

How many sessions will i need?

For most people one or two sessions should be enough. Your practitioner will advise you based on your suitability.

How much does it cost

Prices for Coolsculpting range from £300 – £550 per session depending on the number of cycles required. Visit our Coolsculpting page for more pricing information.

Will my double chin return?

The fat cells are permanently removed never to return. Unlike dieting where they shrink waiting to return if you add weight.

If you maintain a healthy diet, active lifestyle and remain around your ideal weight your chin fat will not return.