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Getting rid of your c-section bulge, c-section shelf or c-section belly pouch whatever you choose to call and get back into pre-baby shape is a top concern for most women.

The good news is postpartum Coolsculpting on the excess fat around the stomach bought on by gaining weight during pregnancy can be treated with Coolsculpting. The bad news is you will have to wait before this can be done.

You may have noticed that your skin quickly went back to normal but the fat cells underneath are a bit more stubborn. There may be sagging skin and deposits of fat above their cesarean scars due to tissue laxity.

It generally takes at 3 months for the Caesarean section wound to heal completely. This does not mean you can have Coolsculpting at the 3-month mark. It is recommended you wait up to 2 years.

If your Caesearean section was uncomplicated, fully healed and matured then abdominal coolsculpting/fat freeze treatments can be safely done.

If you are thinking about Coolsculpting after having a baby you should always speak to an experienced doctor or practitioner and have an assessment before taking the next steps.

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