Can I use Coolsculpting on scar tissue?

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Coolsculpting creates controlled cooling targeting the fat tissue under the skin.

During your treatment, your clinician places a gel on the treatment area. This creates a protective barrier between your skin and the coolsculpting applicator.

While cool sculpting treatment is freezing your excess fat on the treatment area, your skin remains unaffected.

If you have a scar tissue on the area you would like to have coolsculpting treatment, you don’t have to worry. If your scar is old, there is usually nothing to worry at all.

However, the scarred area can be sometimes avoided as well. For example, if the scar is really fresh, in order to not to disturb or affect the tissue, your clinician may recommend to either wait for the scar to get older or fully avoid the scar tissue area.

Before each coolsculpting treatment, our experienced practitioners give you a full consultation. Please make sure to discuss all your concerns with them during your consultation.

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