Can Coolsculpting be used on the pubic area?

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Our bodies are formed to store fat to save energy. Sometimes we intake more energy than we can burn; which leads to fat being stored.

However, where we store fat is determined by our genetics. Some people store most of their excess fat on their abdomen, some store it mainly on their hip areas.

For some people, the excess fat can be also stored in the pubic area, also known as mons pubis.

Coolsculpting can be performed in this area. As the size of the area is smaller in comparison to the other coolsculpting areas, your clinician will use the smaller applicator. This will also provide an easier recovery time. And you will be able to go back to your daily activities immediately.

After each session, you can lose between 25-30% of the excess fat in the pubic area. Some clients prefer to have 2 sessions on the pubic area for best results.

To determine if your pubic area can be treated with coolsculpting, try to pinch the excess fat on the area. If you can squeeze it, coolsculpting can treat the area.

This is because enough fat needs to able to fit  into the coolsculpting applicator for it to work.

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