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Skin Discolouration

What is Ageing Hands?

Skin Discolouration is when patches of skin are a different colour or texture to your regular skin, unfortunately this is a common skin condition which can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons.


There are multiple internal and external factors that can contribute to skin discolouration, some being more common than others. Skin patches can be discoloured in certain parts of the body due to a difference in melanin levels if there is an area of the body where melanin is currently being overproduced. Other causes can include:

  • Skin patches caused by Radiation Therapy
  • Sunburnt skin patches
  • Rosacea patches
  • Burn patches
  • Eczema patches
  • Melasma patches
  • Contact dermatitis patches
  • Hyperpigmentation patches
  • Vitiligo patches


When your skin is suffering from one of the causes listed above, it will both appear and act different to everywhere else on your body; from simple issues such as skin bumps to more complex issues such as blisters or low sensitivity to touch. Some symptoms can include: 

  • Radiotherapy skin patches can blister, be dry, be itchy, or peel. Hair will also be lost at the patch.
  • Sunburnt skin patches can be painful to touch, be red in appearance, and can peel. 
  • Rosacea skin patches can make your face appear flushed or raised, red bumps can appear, the skin can dry and be sensitive. 
  • Burns can swell, go red, blister, and have low sensitivity to touch.
  • Eczema patches can be itchy, oily, and dry/flaky. 
  • Melasma patches appear as dark patches on the skin.
  • Contact dermatitis can appear as a rash that is itchy, red, scaly, or blistered.
  • Hyperpigmentation can make patches of skin darker.
  • Vitiligo can make patches of skin appear much lighter.
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Treatments for Skin Discolouration

At London Premier Laser, we want you to help you with these conditions, so we offer multiple treatments to combat them. The list of treatments we offer includes: