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Large Pores

What are Large Pores?

Without stating the obvious, a large pore is when a pore in your skin grows in size due to excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt being trapped within the pore. Unfortunately, this common issue can happen for multiple reasons, but here at London Premier Laser, we’re here to help.


As mentioned in the above paragraph, there are multiple causes for large pores opening and enlarging within your skin. Reasons can include:

  • Genetic inheritance- If your parents have large pores, then there is a chance that you can inherit this from them.
  • Not looking after your skin- If you don’t wash your skin and take care of it, dead skin and dirt can build up and enlarge pores.
  • Natural ageing- When we age, our skin loses elasticity which not only causes pores to look bigger, but also sags the skin. Pores get bigger as we age due to collagen production slowing down, making the skin less firm.
  • Sun damage to the skin- Increased sun exposure to the skin can reduce the collagen within the skin, causing both wrinkles and large pores to appear and open. 
  • Large hair follicles- Hair follicles are located under pores, and when a pore opens it’s the opening of hair follicles, so when a hair follicle is large a pore will be too. 
  • Increased sebum production- Individual pores contain a sebaceous/oil gland that secretes sebum, when the gland produces excess oil it leads to oily skin which leads to the pores enlarging. 

Other causes can include:

  • Hormonal differences
  • Smoking
  • Radiodermatitis
  • Vitamin A deficiencies

When we suffer from Large Pores, they will primarily appear around your cheeks, on your nose, and on the forehead. The symptoms of these pores opening include:

  • The large pores are visible on your face.
  • They can cause you to look older than you appear.
  • Large pores may trigger severe acne on your face.
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Treatments for Large Pores

There are multiple ways you can look after your skin to try to prevent large pores from opening which you can do at home, and we at London Premier Laser offer competitive, non-invasive treatments for large pores too. Home prevention can consist of:

  • Washing your face regularly with a face wash suitable for your skin type.
  • Exfoliating twice a week.
  • Using sun cream every day to prevent sun damage.
  • Moisturizing twice a day. 

Treatments we offer at London Premier Laser include: