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Excess Oil

What is Excess Oil?

Excess oil production in the skin is a skin condition that means that more oil is present in the skin, which can lead to cosmetic issues as well as issues with breakouts. At London Premier Laser, we offer a range of treatments to help make your skin feel and look as good as it should. 

Excess oil can affect both men and women, starting from age 15 and cropping up to around age 60.


Excess oil can be caused by several underlying factors ranging from genetics, environmental factors, or even lifestyle choices. These factors increase the oil production of the sebaceous glands, making the skin too oily which leads to further issues. The underlying causes can include:

  • Genetics- If your family has a history of oily skin, chances are that you’re likely to have sebaceous glands that produce too much oil yourself.
  • The time of year and where you live- Typically, people in hotter climates have oilier skin, and skin is usually oilier in summer as opposed to autumn or winter. 
  • Large pores- When your pores enlargen because of factors such as age or previous breakouts, the pores produce more oil. 
  • Incorrect skin care- Using the wrong skincare products or overdoing your skincare routine can cause too much oil to be stripped away from your skin, resulting in your sebaceous glands producing more oil to compensate.
  • Pregnancy and hormonal changes- Pregnancy and other hormonal changes can result in increased sebum production as well.
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Symptoms & Treatments for Excess Oil

When we suffer from excess oil, these symptoms will likely appear:

  • Your face will be shinier due to the skin producing too much oil.
  • You’ll be more prone to having acne breakouts due to clogged pores from the increased oil.
  • You’ll develop blackheads in addition to acne spots, blackheads are prone to developing in oily skin because they’re created by excess sebum at the base of our skin hair follicles; once this sebum reaches the air it oxidises and turns black. 
  • Your skin will always feel oily and greasy.
  • If you have a fringe, it will feel notably more greasy due to the oil rubbing off into it.

At London Premier Laser, we offer the following treatments for Excess Oil: