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Broken Blood Vessels

What are Broken Blood Vessels?

Broken blood vessels in the face are enlarged blood vessels located beneath the skin, which appear red and web-like, hence the nickname “Spider veins” which cause a cosmetic issue. They can commonly be found on the face or legs, but can also appear anywhere else on the body, apart from the cosmetic issue they’re harmless.


Broken blood vessels are not exclusive to a specific gender or age, but certain people can have a higher development risk.

The causes for broken blood vessels are:

  • Genes- People who have a family history of broken blood vessels are more likely to suffer from enlarged ones.
  • Sun exposure- Damage from the sun can cause broken blood vessels to enlarge and surface.
  • Changes in weather- Drastic weather changes can cause blood vessels to burst due to an effect on circulation in your face. 
  • Changes in pressure- Sudden changes in pressure can cause broken blood vessels to appear on an exposed part of the body such as the face. 
  • Pregnancy- The changes in hormones associated with pregnancy can cause blood vessels to break, but after birth, these changes should begin to revert. 
  • Rosacea- People suffering from this condition are also likely to develop broken blood vessels.
  • Alcohol consumption- Alcohol temporarily changes circulation, so frequent alcohol consumption can lead to a red face as well as long-lasting broken blood vessels.
  • Injuries- Injuries that cause bruises can also break blood vessels, but they’re likely to heal at the same rate as the bruise.
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Treatments for Broken Blood Vessels

At London Premier Laser, we offer the following to help treat broken blood vessels: