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Ageing Facial Skin

What is Ageing Facial Skin?

Ageing Facial Skin, we all suffer from it at some point in our lives, it’s a fact of life everyone’s body changes and grows with age, just like how our wisdom, accomplishments, and experiences change and grow too that but what do these changes to our skin look like and what can we do about it? Here at London Premier Laser, we’re here to help.


There are multiple factors that can contribute to ageing facial skin outside of the body’s natural ageing process. When we are young, fat contained in our skin is distributed evenly into pockets in the forehead, cheeks, and areas around the eyes and mouth but as we get older the fat loses it’s volume and shifts down our face. 

Other contributors are as follows:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Not having a healthy diet
  • Smoking
  • Repeated facial expressions 
  • Not looking after your skin

Skin is at the forefront of our appearance, and this can change too in both obvious and subtle ways. Some of the most common ways in which it can change include:

  • Foreheads expanding as our hairlines recede.
  • Ears growing longer because the cartilage inside them grows.
  • Tips of noses may drop as the connective tissue supporting the nasal cartilage weakens. 
  • Facial fat shifting downwards making chins baggy and necks more jowly.
  • Formerly smooth and tight areas of the face becoming loose.
  • Wrinkles forming on the forehead and in-between our eyebrows
  • Skin folds such as smile lines getting deeper

Finer wrinkles on the face are caused by other factors such as sun damage, smoking, and natural degeneration of the skin.

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Treatments for Ageing Facial Skin

Here at London Premier Laser & Skin Clinic we offer multiple non-invasive treatments and procedures to help you fight against ageing skin. We offer: