Semi Permanent Makeup


Who wouldn’t want to save time getting ready in the morning when half the work of enhancing your natural features is already done. Semi-Permanent Make-up offers beautifully natural solutions to those wanting deeper colouring and definition, be it fuller brows, plumper pinker lips or flawless eyeliner 24/7 by delivering a simple method of modern application of pigments into the dermis layer of the skin in a similar way to tattooing.

Treatments for Semi Permanent Makeup

At Premier Laser & Skin, all cosmetic tattooing is performed by a dedicated team of senior and experienced specialists. Trained to the highest level and equipped with the superior technology of ‘Finishing Touches’ – the market leading brand who supplies the NHS and private sector facilities. Semi-permanent make-up requires a top up treatment 6 weeks after the first treatment but then lasts for several years. The treatment is as close to painless as possible and will only take about an hour to complete your session.