Rosacea (Skin Redness)


Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition which principally affects the face. Rosacea causes skin redness, and its symptoms often begin with episodes of flushing. But other symptom such as burning and stinging sensations, pustules, visible thin blood veins can develop when the conditions getting worse. Symptoms can come and go. The exact cause or causes of rosacea are still unknown. But it is thought to occur due a combination of factors. Some people may inherit a tendency to develop rosacea. Some researchers believe that rosacea is a skin disorder where blood vessels dilate too easily, resulting in flushing and redness because of undefined environmental and inflammatory.

Treatments for Rosacea

IPL Photorejuveantion:
IPL is the best treatment for redness and flushing associated with rosacea. This technology is also highly effective in treating the red lines (telangietasis) that appear when the tiny blood vessels under the skin become enlarged. In addition, IPL treatments can also improve the acne-like pimples associated with rosacea.

Vitamin C facial:
This revolutionary treatment was developed primarily treat skin prone to rosacea skin conditions. The treatment delivers vitamin C deep into the cellular level of the skin and promote healing by reducing inflammation, soothing and hydrating skin to clear bumps and by providing protection from sun and air pollution.