Many men and women look for a way to achieve healthier and smoother looking skin which is low maintenance and hair free. Struggling with razors, wax strips and tweezers can cause bother and irritation, as well as being time consuming. Whether you have unwanted hair on your legs, face, armpit or back – you don’t have to suffer.

If you are looking for a solution then laser hair removal might be for you. Like many other men and women, laser hair removal can offer you a stress free and effective investment in yourself.

Laser hair removal is available in our Fulham clinic, which is a brand new and impressive clinic offering a wide range of laser hair removal and other skin treatments at reasonable prices.

What’s more, the treatments that are offered to you from The Premier Laser Clinic are catered to your individual requirements and skin type, so you know you are getting a tailored and professional treatment every time you visit us. You may need a course of treatments over several months, which we find offers you the best chances of full success where all hairs can be treated under the laser.

The technology used in our clinic is safe and fully tested to ensure the best results. The staff are friendly, fully trained and experienced in a wide range of treatments so you can feel safe and comfortable throughout the consultation, treatment and aftercare.

Our Fulham laser hair removal clinic also offers many other skin treatments. This includes vascular vein removal which is a popular treatment that cuts off the supply of blood so that the spider vein naturally diminishes. Whatever skin treatment you need, including anti aging or scar and acne treatment, you will find it at the Fulham clinic. The clinic also serves customers from Parsons Green, Walham Green and Chelsea (as well as NHG).

Contact us today for a chat about your requirements or to arrange an appointment.