Winter Skin Care Tips


The winter months can be very harsh on the skin, especially the face. Not only do you have to combat the freezing temperatures and cold winds, you may also catch one of the many illnesses that arrive at this time of year. However, there are a number of ways you can look after you skin and keep it looking healthy and fresh, no matter how chilly it is outside.

Moisturise Well

It is important to moisturise more frequently in the winter months, especially on areas which notoriously become dry such as your hands and face. Make sure any moisturiser you are using is oil based as the oil will provide a protective layer on the skin helping to keep moisture locked in which will shield your skin from the colder elements.

Products which contain almond, avocado and mineral oil are ideal choices as are any moisturising products which contain vitamins E and C.

Protect Your Skin

Remember that the sun is still present, even in winter. You should make sure that you are wearing suncream when you go out if you want to keep your skin looking great. Of course, you may already be suffering with sun tanning damage from the summer months. If this is the case then you could consider laser treatment to painlessly remove the wrinkled or blemished skin, leaving it looking healthy and fresh. Just remember to apply that sun cream in future!

Watch Those Lips

Lips can be a real problem area in winter with many people suffering from cracked and chapped lips. This happens because we automatically lick them when they start to become dry in an attempt to keep them hydrated. However this is counterproductive as licking your lips will actually cause them to become chapped in the first place as the moisture dries out in the cold air. Invest in a good lip balm and apply it whenever you feel like licking your lips.

Eat Well

Having the right diet during winter can also be a great help to your skin. Buy foods which are high in vitamin A such as sweet potatoes and vitamin C such as cauliflowers. Foods which contain vitamin E are also great as it is known for its antioxidant properties which is perfect for soothing skin in the cold weather. If you are struggling to find the right kinds of foods you could also consider taking a vitamin supplement to boost your natural intake.

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