Why Do I Have Varicose Veins?


varicose veins

Causes Of Varicose Veins?

When blood flows through your veins, a tiny one way valve opens up to allow the blood to flow through and then closes which prevents any leakage and back flow. However sometimes the walls of the veins stretch causing them to lose their elasticity weakening the valves in the process. If this happens then blood will leak and a build up of blood will collect in the veins causing them to become swollen.

Although it is not always understood why the walls of the veins stretch there are a number of varying things that can increase your chance of developing varicose veins. These include:


Sorry women but you are more prone to varicose veins then your male counterparts. Why is this you ask? It is believed that female hormones can have a relaxing effect on the vein walls making them more susceptible to leakage.


If your work requires you to stand for extensive amounts of time then this may increase your chances of getting varicose veins as blood circulation doesn’t flow as easily when you are stood for prolonged periods of time


If you are overweight you are putting added pressure on your veins meaning they have to work a lot harder to keep the blood travelling around the body. This increased pressure can damage the valves causing varicose veins – sorry ladies but again overweight women are more susceptible to this then men.


The increased blood supply that is attributed to becoming pregnant in order to support the growing baby puts added pressure on the veins. Also increased hormones cause the walls of the blood vessels to relax which also contributes to the condition. It’s not all bad news however as a lot of pregnant woman actually find that their veins considerably improve once the baby is born.


As we get older our veins lose their elasticity meaning the values decrease in their ability to function.


Some of you may just be unfortunate enough to have inherited a higher chance of developing the condition from a parent.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Unsightly Veins

If you would like to treat your varicose veins book a free consultation with one of our highly experienced clinicians to discuss varicose veins treatment options.

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