Which Top Rated Diets Should You Avoid To Lose Weight

worst celebrity diets of 2014


Don’t Fall Into These Diet Traps

As with many things there is a right way and a wrong way, or should I say ways, in which to lose weight. There are various diets that became popular or came to light in 2014 for one reason or another however a lot of these so called ‘best diets to lose weight’ are actually unhealthily and can actually lead to health complications.

Take the Paleo Diet for example which instructs people to only eat foods that would have only been available to Neanderthals back in the prehistoric era, this diet restricts you from any dairy, surgery or processed foods in order to maintain a ‘clean diet’.  However what they don’t tell you is although a sugarless diet is actually beneficial, due to the lack of calcium in your diet you are at risk of compromising your bone health and not to mention the nutrient deficiencies that this diet can lead too. 

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Check out some of the worst ‘celebrity diets’ to come from 2014.

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