What To Expect When Getting Laser Hair Removal


You may think hair removal laser treatment is a daunting prospect, but many thousands of men and women have undergone the groundbreaking treatment which isn’t as scary as it first sounds.

When you arrive at the salon or clinic you will naturally feel nervous, but there is nothing to be scared of. Relax where you are told to go and then when called in, the area of skin being treated will be washed properly and prepared. You will probably be asked to wear safety goggles and you should expect others in the room to also wear these.

The laser energy source will then be turned on and prepared. Laser Hair Removal involves the beaming of a laser right into your skin, where the hair follicle starts. This will allow the follicle to die so it no longer grows. The laser is incredibly accurate and there is hardly any pain; some report it to feel like an elastic band snapping against the skin, others say they don’t feel anything but slight warmth and discomfort.

Depending on the area of skin being treated, the laser procedure might only last half an hour up to an hour. For really small areas it might only take a couple of minutes for the follicle to absorb the energy from the laser beam.

After your procedure, you might need a further course of treatment but you can usually return to normal as soon as you leave the clinic! This makes it quick, worthwhile and highly effective.

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