What should I believe about Laser Hair Removal?


There are many myths about Laser Hair Removal. You shouldn’t believe all you hear, here are some facts to set the record straight:

I heard laser hair removal burns the skin. Is this true? The laser hair removal treatment focuses on the delivery of highly concentrated light into the skin, this wouldn’t even be allowed if it burnt the skin! In some cases, minor burns will occur but this is not common and can be treated easily.

How does the laser work? The laser concentrates on the darker materials in the skin, which is the pigment found in hair. It works because the light from the laser damages the hair follicle which reduces the growth of hair. This treatment does not affect the surrounding skin tissue as it specifically focuses on the hair follicles. The laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in hair growth and with a few treatments you will have silky smooth skin.

Should I choose the cheapest clinic? Do not look for the cheapest clinic as these may not always be the best, so do your research beforehand. You should always look for a licensed clinic with the latest laser hair removal equipment.

Will I experience Pain? Many people experience different feelings, most only experience a slight tingling sensation. All patients will have an anaesthetic applied before and during procedure just to make sure you are at your most comfortable.

I heard you have to lie under a laser for hours. Is this true? No! The speed of this treatment is quick and the procedure is usually completed within an hour. However, the times will vary depending on the area of skin being treated, for example if the upper lip is being treated then this will take just a few minutes.

I heard you have to have really dark hair. Is it for everyone? Those who respond best to laser hair removal treatment are those with lighter skin who possess darker hair. This is because this is easier for the laser to focus on. However, due to advances in technology, laser hair removal it is more effective for those who have darker or tanned skin too.

I heard only celebrities get LHR. Laser hair removal is used worldwide and has also been deemed safe by the FDA for hair removal purposes.

I heard it doesn’t last. Is it Permanent? There is no guarantee that this procedure is fully permanent. However, laser hair removal guarantees a high reduction of hair growth and with each stage of treatment.


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