What Hairstyle Best Compliments Your Face Shape?

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Choosing A Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

A new hairstyle is very important and can completely change the whole dynamic of your appearance. However when you are choosing a new ‘do’ you should consider a number of styles you like and then which of these fit in with your current lifestyle. There is also a third thing that you should be thinking about too…what style will look the most flattering on your facial shape?

It is widely agreed that 99% of people fit into one of seven facial shapes. These shapes include:

  1. Oval
  2.  Square
  3. Round
  4. Diamond
  5. Oblong
  6. Heart ##CATEGORY-BANNER##
  7. Triangular

Oval Face Shape:

For those of you that are lucky enough to have an oval face shape this is the most versatile and allows for the most creativity. Whether you want to have long or short lengths, bangs or even angled ends this facial shape will suit all.

Square Shape:

A square facial shape best suits a hairstyle that has a lot of texture. You are best choosing curls, choppy ends or can even sport a short spiky style. Think carefully about having a blunt cut bang hair do as these can appear quite harsh.


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