What Causes Acne In Different Locations?

woman squeezing spot

The word acne has to be up there with a young adults top 5 hated things in the world, but its not just young adults that suffer from acne, adults do too. Acne isn’t just confined to a single body part, in fact just about any body part you can think of can be affected.

What causes acne to affect different body parts and does each body part need treating uniquely? By only scratching a little beneath the surface, not literally, sometimes its possible to find out what is causing your acne which better prepares yourself in ways to combat it. For example if you have acne on your face it could be because you are touching your face too often during the day with unclean hands, bacteria spread from a dirty pillowcase, makeup and other cosmetics clogging up your pores or maybe it is caused from the irritation when you shave your face. One by one by changing habits and making changes you can find out by the process of elimination as to what is causing your acne and therefore take control.


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