Use These 5 Simple Foam Rolling Exercises To Feel 10 Years Younger

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Feel 10 Years Younger With 5 Simple Foam Rolling Exercises

Do you wake up feeling achy and stiff most mornings? Many people as they reach midlife age start to gain around a pound a year mainly due to lack of physical activity. In addition at 40 years of age you will start to lose muscle mass at an accelerated rate unless you take preventative measures to preserve it.

By using 5 simple moves each morning you will be amazed at the difference that you will feel in your body. Mark, the cofounder of MBSC Thrive Functional Training said “In a perfect world, all of us would go out and get a deep-tissue massage every day, but that’s not feasible. Foam rolling has the same effect on your soft tissue, but for a much lower price.”

Learn 5 simple exercises that target specific muscle groups that will make you feel 10 years younger.

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Feel 10 Years Younger With These 5 Foam-Rolling Exercises

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