Use Laser Hair Removal To Achieve Perfect Skin This Summer?


Now is the time to be thinking about how to prepare your body for the summer. Currently in today’s society, appearance is everything and everybody wants perfect skin for the summer.

Hair removal is the key. For those men and women that are sick and tired of having to shave every few days to achieve perfect skin, you could invest in something far more worthwhile which will have your legs, chest, back and arms looking healthy and silky soft.

There are many items you could replace your razor with, like wax strips, but with laser hair removal you just attend a few sessions to achieve longer lasting results. It is a far more time-effective method, leaving you with more hours to spend on other things without the hassle of shaving every few days.

Laser hair removal costs as little as £100 it is considered a far more cost-effective way of removing hair on the body.  This leaves you with a bit of extra cash at the end of the month to spend on other things!

Getting in between those hard to reach places, laser hair removal will be less time-consuming and it will save you hours slaving over your bodies to get them looking perfect, smooth, soft, sexy and healthy for the summer.

For those of you who have light skin and dark hair you will most benefit from this treatment.

Although laser hair removal cannot guarantee every single hair follicle will be removed, it will guarantee an extreme reduction of hair growth and most people who have had the treatment would agree.

Laser hair removal for men usually involves removing facail, chest, back hairs, where as
women usually opt to have hair removal on the armpits, legs, arms and bikini area.

With laser hair removal, you will be left with the perfect beach body where you can feel sexy and confident without the hassle and worry of shaving every few days whilst on holiday.

This treatment is a simple and pain free process. It consists of;

1.    A briefing with your doctor to discuss where you want the treatment; this will allow you to become familiar with your technician, you will then set a date for the procedure to begin. You can ask any questions you may have in this appointment. You can ask anything you want and find out detailed answers. Don’t be afraid to ask something.

2.    When you reach your appointment the area being done will be shaved and then cleaned.

3.    An anaesthetic cream will then be applied, this will reduce any possible pain you may feel, the majority do not feel a thing. Some compare it to an elastic band snapping against the skin.

4.    You may feel a tingling sensation, this will be caused by the highly concentrated light beams used to absorb the tiny pigments of hair follicles, damaging the surrounding area, this means that the hair is unable to grow back.

5.    During this part of the treatment, another anaesthetic cream will be applied to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and this will also take away any further tingling sensations.

6.    Depending on the size of the area being treated, this session can take from a few minutes from up to an hour, which is why many people decide to go and have the treatment in their lunch break!

7.    Similarly, the sessions will have to be repeated in order for the treatment to fully take effect. Patients usually have a session once a month over a course of 4-6 months. Sometimes for larger areas this will take longer, sometimes even up to a year.

8.    After the procedure you are likely to experience some soreness, redness and swelling which are all normal reactions and they will settle down within a matter of days, leaving you to get back to everyday life almost instantly.

This treatment will leave you feeling the most confident you’ve ever been with no worries about picking up a razor again. Many people decide to have this treatment at this time of year, in order for it to have full effect over the summer. However, due to the instant results many people have it done throughout the year.

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