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There as been a big hype over yoga in recent years and it appears rightly so. You could be forgiven into thinking that yoga is easy, I mean after all it is for girls right? Wrong! Yoga although it looks very delicate and controlled is actually demanding but the health gains reaped from it are very rewarding.

Elite Athletes Use Yoga To Stay At The Top Of Their Game

A lot of the elite athletes use sport yoga for which not only develops athletic performance but also overall general health too. Take one of footballs most decorated players to every grace the Premier League, Ryan Giggs. Giggsy, as he was known to a lot of adoring fans, was still running rings around players at the age of 40, nearly double that of a lot of his opponents. So what kept him so young, lean and athletic? Well I am sure there are a number of things including his diet but one thing that Ryan relied on and rated very highly was his Yoga regime which provides an irrefutable testament to the age defying benefits of the exercise practice.

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 5 Anti Aging Benefit Of Yoga

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