Trying to Lose Weight? Cut Out The White Bread!


white bread

As many people say, there’s nothing quite like toast made with white bread and then slathered with butter…except perhaps more white bread, slathered with jam. If you’re one of those people…and you’re also trying to lose weight then it might be time for a change because the simple fact is that although white bread is tasty, it’s just not good for you!

Increases Chances Of Obesity By 40%

Research is showing that just two slices or more can increase your chances of obesity…and since the nation’s favourite bread is still the humble white loaf, then its high time we re-educated ourselves!

Yes, it’s tasty, yes it’s soft…but there are many equally delicious forms of bread which aren’t such a bad choice in terms of health. White bread was at the centre of a recent study where it was shown that students who ate only white bread were at an increased risk of weight gain…in fact a whole 40% more at risk!

White Bread Is White For A Reason…And Not A Good One!!

That’s a significant amount of risk so you have to ask yourself, is that morning toast really worth it? What about your lunchtime sandwich? Couldn’t it be just as tasty on a wholegrain roll? What about a multigrain wrap? Don’t forget that the reason your white load is white, is that it’s ingredients have been heavily processed; the bread’s contents are also bleached in order to ensure that uniform whiteness…is it really worth it?

Many people get stuck in habits as far as mealtimes go and many people are fiercely loyal to their white bread sarnie…but with a few changes you could be dramatically cutting down your weight as well as improving your health. You don’t have to gnaw away at unpalatable and chewy loaves to be a little healthier…many wholegrain breads are designed to be just as soft and tasty as white loaves are.

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Switch For A Healthier Alternative Or Bake Your Own

Although wholegrain bread is nuttier in flavour it’s not all tough and chewy…there are plenty of breads out there with a variety of textures and flavours to entice even the staunchest white bread fan. You could even consider baking your own loaves! You don’t need a fancy bread maker to get creative with flour and yeast…all you need is a pair of strong hands and the right ingredients.

The best thing about making your own bread is that not only is it tasty and divine to smell as it bakes but it’s also much cheaper than buying it in the shops or the bakery. Look about for some simple recipes and the satisfaction which you will gain from watching your loaf rise in the oven is almost as fantastic as the smell which your kitchen will be infused with…with your bread making skills honed, you need never go sandwichless to work again!

You can experiment by adding nuts, grains and even cheese for a treat. Just stay away from that white loaf and you will notice the difference in a few weeks and once you are used to your new bread, you probably won’t fancy that unhealthy white stuff again…in fact you will wonder what you ever saw in it at all!

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