Treating hyperpigmentation in dark skin

It’s an issue that affects a huge number of people and one we have written about on the blog before, but hyperpigmentation problems can pose a particular problem for darker skin types. To help you understand the type of treatment or products that are likely to be right for darker skin, today’s post will outline the intricacies of hyperpigmentation problems experienced by those with black and Asian skin types and offer solutions for treating them.


Black and Asian skin is often considered to be more resistant to the effects of the sun’s rays and thanks to the larger volume of melanin present this can be true when it comes to the development of lines and wrinkles. However, sun exposure is one of the most prominent causes of hyperpigmentation in all skin types. On darker skins just like lighter skin tones, this can lead to dark spots, patches and freckles developing that leave sufferers with an uneven skin tone.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation following on from acne, scratches, cuts and bruises is a cause of uneven skin tone that darker skins can be particularly prone to because of the higher number of cells that reside on the surface of darker skins.

In women of all skin tones, hormonal changes can also play a part in hyperpigmentation development. Altered oestrogen levels during pregnancy or due to oral contraceptives can trigger excessive melanin production that leads to melasma that doesn’t always dissipate after the birth.


Hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure becomes more evident as skin matures. It can be noticeable as dark patches around the eye and dark spots or freckles on the face. In contrast, post acne hyperpigmentation appears on areas of the skin affected by acne, which means like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by burns, scratches and other blemishes it can be visible all over the body. Often referred to as the mask of pregnancy, hormonal triggered melasma or chloasma frequently establishes itself on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip.


Though spots of hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal changes can often fade naturally over time, pigmentation patches caused by other factors frequently leave sufferers with lingering patches and freckles that are difficult to cover.

Here at Premier Laser & Skin we offer laser treatment to remove freckles and even skin tone using highly targeted lasers but this isn’t always the best type of procedure to choose depending on your skin type.

We offer several non-invasive treatment alternatives that are highly effective as hyperpigmentation treatments for black skin.  Our  Herbal Green Peel uses only natural ingredients from plants and vitamins to remove the surface layer of the skin without abrasive exfoliation. This increases blood circulation to stimulate cell and collagen renewal, which in turn helps to renew the surface of the skin to remove pigmentation patches.

Also suitable for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment and uneven skin tone correction is our Dermapen Micro Skin Needling. This treatment also stimulates skin resurfacing through increased collagen production to repair scars and reduce discolouration. It’s a fast healing treatment that uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin and create thousands of micro injuries, triggering the resurfacing process.


One of the best ways to protect your complexion against hyperpigmentation, whatever your skin tone or colour, is by incorporating SPF products into your skincare routine to prevent skin damage. To help maintain the results of hyperpigmentation correction procedures and discourage problems from reoccurring, you can also select specialist products to help even your skin tone.

Our trained skin consultants can help match you with suitable products including those from the Iluma Skincare by Image range, which contains powerful active natural plant extracts to lighten pigmentation and reduce melanin production at cellular level.

 Right now we’re offering 50% off your first Dermapen treatment at one of our clinics when you book in July and August. So, if hyperpigmentation is a problem for you, why not call and book a free consultation?


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