Traditional Methods of Hair Removal vs. Laser Hair Removal


There are many different type of hair removal and you may have found yourself trying just about every method in the book. There is shaving, waxing, using an epilator, bleaching and even sugar waxing! Over the years, these methods have had varying success.

The problem with many of these methods is that they simply do not last long enough. Shaving may be a temporary success but the very next day you may find yourself needing to shave again. Waxing can last slightly longer, but can be painful to endure and DIY kits are often messy and unreliable.

Laser hair removal is not a new idea, but it is growing in popularity because of the permanent, lasting effects and benefits. After a short course of laser hair removal treatments, your hair can be removed from its root. This means no re-growth and no unsightly chunks of hair.

Laser hair removal is therefore a more cost effective solution as there are no longer any needs to buy shavers or waxing strips. It is also very useful for the modern woman (or man!) who leads a busy life and doesn’t have time to worry about their hair removal. Treatments can last around an hour so you can even go in your lunch hour.

As mentioned above, laser hair removal is not just a woman thing. Many men have the treatment to remove hair on their back, face, chest or even arms and legs.

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