The Top Laser Hair Removal Myths BUSTED!

Putting Straight Some Of The Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Myths

Laser hair removal is widely recognised as the leading treatment to removal unwanted hair and is fast becoming one of the most popular non invasive, professional treatments in the UK.

However If you are to type in Laser hair removal in Google there is a whole minefield in which to navigate on things that you should or should not be doing which can make making the actual facts surrounding the treatment confusing.

There are many answers to Laser hair removal questions that are very misleading such as the procedure only works on people that have light skin and dark hair or that it is very painful and too expensive to afford. While some of these may have been true many years ago the advancements in Laser hair removal technology has now made the treatment available to mostly everyone at very affordable prices.

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Dr Susan on 10 Myths About Laser Hair Removal 

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