The Top 8 Way To Lose Weight

Although everyone seems to make New Year’s Resolutions at the start of the year, a recent survey suggested most people take up resolutions – and are more successful with them – around the months of March and April. The reason? There is less pressure in these months to stick to the habit. After Christmas, many people quickly get back to work and resume their old habits, allowing their resolutions to die away. However, in Spring, people have a more positive outlook, are firmly grounded in their existing routines, and still have the added motivation of the upcoming summer to keep them positive and focussed. So, losing weight at this time of the year is a good way to get in shape for the summer. But now you’ve made the decision, where do you go?

Here are our top 8 tips to losing weight this year:

Choose snacks wisely.

Especially when you’re at work, snacking on bad-for-you foods is all too easy. Choose nuts, oats and fruit to help fill the 10am hunger bursts. You’ll fill fuller and you’ll avoid sugary temptations which are bad for you.

Plan your meals in advance.

Another easy trap to get into is to get home from work, exhausted, and order a take away instead of cooking a meal. If you plan your meals in advance, you will always have something in the fridge for the week.

Exercise gradually.

Don’t throw yourself into exercising when you haven’t done any previously – take longer walks, run up the stairs, and do things step by step to implement it into your routine naturally. You can then build this up to something more substantial. A conscious effort to be more active is the first thing you need to get started.


Don’t get obsessed with the scales.

Don’t weigh yourself every morning and night. Check your weight once a week and note it down to see your progress, but getting too het up in numbers is probably going to do your more harm than good.

Take care of yourself.

Get enough sleep and eat properly, in a set routine. This will help you to get out of old habits (staying up late into the night and pigging out on junk food, for example!)

Team up with friends.

If you try and lose weight with someone else, it becomes easier. You have eachother for motivation and you are able to discuss meal plans and exercise regimes.

Join a club.

There are many clubs which run in local areas to help people join together to lose weight. Not only do you join with others to share tips, but you can actually make some good friends who will keep you motivated along the way!

Fat injections.

That’s right we did just say fat dissolving injections!! This advanced treatment is both quick and painless.The solution contains plant polymers, which have been designed to bind with the cell walls of the fatty tissue dissolving them – this is then removed naturally as you urinate.



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