The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos As Voted By You


As a leading tattoo removal clinic in London we have seen our fair share of bad tattoos. In fact the word ‘bad’ doesn’t quite do justice to some of the atrocities we have seen come through our front doors that are ‘permanently’ inked into people’s skin. From portraits of loved ones that look more like a nursery child’s crayon drawing to famous and motivational quotes that have the most obvious of spelling mistakes there seems to be no end.


Some celebrities are known to be a little out there, their quirkiness and erratic behaviour is what makes them stand out, heck it’s what makes them who they are. We love and adore them for it but sometimes even for their standards they manage to cross that very fine line. Here at the Premier Laser clinic we had a debate as to who had the worst celebrity tattoo and couldn’t come to a definitive answer so we decided to put it to the experts, you guys! We released a survey to the general public and collected in the results.

*Drum Roll*….Coming in at number 10:

#10 – Louis Tomlinson

Coming in at number 10 is One Directions very own heartthrob Louis Tomlinson. Louis had this inking back in 2013 as a tribute to the bands hit song ‘Little Things’.  After having his tattoo he posted a snap on Twitter with the caption “You can’t go to bed”, which was a clear reference to the tracks lyrics “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea”.

#9 – Tulisa Contostavlos

Back in September 2012 Tulisa said in reference to her tattoos ‘I’ve got five’ before adding ‘But one of them is a secret tattoo that you don’t know what it is or where it is”

Just the following year later Tulisa, aka The Female Boss, seemed to expose this ‘secret’ inking whilst on holiday in Marbella after she had split from her footballer boyfriend Danny Simpson. The former ‘X Factor’ judge unveiled her hidden etching to the world when she sported a small white bikini whilst partying at the Ocean Club with TV star Chelsee Healey. Tulisa clearly didn’t hold back with the intimately placed ‘Lucky You’ tattoo which was located just north of her bikini line.

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