The Supermodel Cheek Lift

Supermodels all have one thing in common; cheekbones that defy gravity! The contoured, defined appearance is one lots of men and women envy, and is the result most desired when it comes to make up. But what if you could achieve this look, without the need for foundation?

The Supermodel Cheek Lift is achieved solely with non-surgical dermal fillers. By applying them high in the cheeks, the area is subtly lifted, contouring the area into a naturally elevated shape. This specialist technique uses dermal filler to create the definition desired and see’s instant results.

Aesthetic Injector Sarah Sheedy explains the treatment;

“By injecting dermal filler gently into the apple of the cheeks you can sculpt the area, subtly lifting the face and contouring the cheekbones. You will see instant results, and downtime is very minimal, which is why it is so popular with my clients!”

To enhance the appearance, our client also opted for a small amount of filler in her lips to reshape and define, rather than plump.

The Supermodel Cheek Lift starts from £499 and is now available at all Premier Laser & Skin clinics. Book your in-depth consultation with Aesthetic Nurse Injector Sarah to discuss your treatment in detail today!

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