The Secret To Angelina Jolie’s Glowing Skin


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Angelina Jolie has been the darling of Hollywood for many years, her great beauty and skilful acting first coming to the attention of the world’s media in 1995 when she appeared in the cyber-thriller Hackers. Since then she has gone on to win an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, marry one of the world’s most eligible men, mix with politicians and royalty in her fight for human rights and of course through all that she has continued to light up our screens with her ethereal beauty.

What is her secret though? A glow like Angelina’s can’t only come from genes, or from a good diet. She is now heading for 40 years old but her skin has retained the youthful glow which we first saw in the early 90s.


According to media and to a certain New York Dermatologist, the reason Angelina’s skin is so radiant is her dedication to a certain package of facial treatments which combines microdermabrasion, laser and a chemical peel in one sitting.

The treatment begins with a gentle microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and ensure that the laser, the next part of the treatment, full penetrates the dermis…ousting fine lines and over-pigmented areas. Once these treatments are complete then a gentle chemical peel which is infused with lavender is administered. The peel isn’t harsh and won’t leave skin red or sore but it’s a great way to ensure that skin appears fresh and clean with that youthful glow so many people long to achieve.

These treatments aren’t only for Oscar winners…they are available now and they aren’t as expensive as people might imagine. Why leave things to fate and gravity when there is so much help out there…non invasive and pain free help at that!

Angelina Jolie has many reasons to ensure that she always looks her best, constantly in the public eye she knows that looks matter and she goes out of her way to ensure that the beauty which helped her on her way to fame will remain no matter how many years pass.

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