The ‘Secret’ Laser Of An MI5 Spy You Never Knew About

spy tattoo removal

We have all watched James Bond save the world countless times with his the seemingly unlimited amount of gadgets available at his disposal. Whether it be his Garrote watch, bell rocket belt, mini rocket cigarette or Gyrojet rocket gun, Bond always has just the right gadget to get him out of sticky situations. 

However what you probably didn’t know was that one of the requirements of a MI5 spy is a tattoo-less body. That’s right, if you wish to become a spy for the British Intelligence Agency and you have a tattoo then its time to get it lasered. This news comes after a new job specification for ‘mobile surveillance officers’ warned that distinguishing tattoos on the hands, forearms, neck or face could male a potential applicant ‘unsuitable’.

 Removing The Tattoo James Bond Style

If you are thinking of applying for a M15 job and you have a tattoo then your first priority should be to get your inking removed. There are several creams on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of tattoos but this is the British Intelligence Agency we are talking about – unless that tattoo has been removed then chances are you will not be considered. The only treatment fit for any future James Bond out there that have tattoos is Laser Tattoo Removal. This treatment is the most advanced tattoo removing treatment available and provides the best results in removing any unwanted skin ink.

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Got A Tattoo? Well You Can’t Be A Spy, Says MI5

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