Tattoos Do Reduce Your Chance of Getting a Job


When did you last see a CEO with a big tattoo on their neck? Or a manager with a colourful hand piece? What about your doctor? Does he or she have any visible tattoos? Chances are that they do not and that you’ve never seen a CEO with a tattoo either. There is a reason for this according to a recent study undertaken at St Andrews University…or rather a number of reasons!

Tattoo Taboo In The Workplace

People are still judging other people’s professional capabilities on their tattoos…or lack of them. The general consensus is that visible tattoos aren’t great for your career and when 15 managers were recently quizzed on the subject, they admitted that when someone with tattoos came into their place of business for a job interview, their tattoos were usually the first thing discussed once they’d left the room.

The managers further admitted that whilst they themselves had some tattoos, theirs were not visible and did not therefore affect other people’s perceptions of them or their abilities.

Tattoo Design Can Make A Difference

Certainly there are some tattoos which are best kept under wraps…if sported at all! These include tattoos with reference to sex, drugs, violence and also to rap music which is often associated with all of the above! However, small tattoos featuring innocuous images such as flowers, birds and symbols were not viewed as harshly though one manager claimed that “any tattoos look dirty” which is a particularly severe judgement but an enlightening one!

The evidence definitely suggests then that tattoos are still not as widely accepted as some people might imagine and in fact could seriously hinder you professional development. The only remedy for this that is 100% reliable of course is to choose not to get tattooed but if it’s too late for that, all is not lost! You can still opt for Laser Tattoo Removal and keep on climbing up that career ladder without being judged.



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