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The Golden Rules Of Getting A Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo can be a very exciting time, but be warned, make sure you have given the decision some serious thought before you go ahead and get inked.

Just like all the people who are in love with there skins etchings, there are also thousands of people who are starring at their tattoos and wondering why they ever had them done. Never let anyone tell you that you should not get a tattoo as it is a personal choice BUT make sure that choice is the right one. Do your homework, speak to a few people who have had tattoos and visit some tattoo parlours in your local area before you let the excitement take control and do something which you may regret later on in life.

However saying that if you do decided to get a tattoo then take into consideration these golden rules:

1) Colour 

Do you want a black and white tattoo or are you looking at getting one with colour? This may not sound like such an important question but later on down the line it could be. With the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment works it can remove black tattoos very effectively but some colours such as green and blue can be very difficult to erase.

2) Avoid Names

It may seem like a romantic gesture at the time to get your girlfriends name inked onto your arm but what happens 2 years down the line when you decide to split up. Sure you can always try and find a new girlfriend with the same name but wouldn’t it have been easier to have never got it done in the first place?

3) Work

Tattoos have become more common and as a result become more socially acceptable. However there sill remains the stigma in the workplace, especially if you have some kind of tribal tattoo that takes up half of your face. If you want to get a tattoo think hard about its location. Making sure it can be easily hidden will make applying for that new job a lot easier.

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