Tattoo removal with Lumenis Stellar M22 laser

There are many decisions we make in life which are irreversible. And getting a tattoo was definitely one of them a few years back. But not any more!
However, you’ve probably already heard that removing a tattoo is much harder, painful and often more expensive than getting a tattoo. Which is one of the main reasons many people think twice before getting one.

With the old technology tattoo removal machines, it was never possible to remove the tattoo fully. Some clients, after going through many painful laser tattoo removal sessions, were still left with strong reminders of their old tattoos. And they needed to cover them with new ones. And quite often we have been visited from our clients who came to get rid of their cover up tattoos too.

Usually with laser treatments, experts use numbing cream that helps to reduce the pain and make your treatment more bearable. However with the old laser tattoo removal devices, there is always the danger to burn the skin. As this can only be felt with full skin awareness, using numbing cream on laser tattoo removal was never an option.

So at the end you can have 8-10 sessions of very painful laser tattoo removal, spend more than you’ve paid for your tattoo at the first place, and still be left with a pretty much visible tattoo on your skin.

But things are changed now. Today we have Lumenis Stellar M22 technology available. And at Premier Laser & Skin clinic, we are very proud to be the first clinic to bring this technology available in London.

What is different about Lumenis Stellar M22 tattoo removal?

The laser beams shot from the Lumenis Stellar M22 shutter the tattoo ink into tiny particles. Your body then gets rid of these very small ink pieces in natural ways. The laser beams only effect the ink and doesn’t harm the surrounding skin. Because the Lumenis Stellar M22 laser doesn’t harm the skin, your practitioner can apply a local anaesthetics cream. It will numb the area and will help you to have a much easier treatment process.

You can feel a mild heat on the area and experience a feeling similar to band snapping on your skin.

Unlike many other laser tattoo removal machines, Lumenis Stellar M22 uses Q-Switch technology which enables tailored treatments for your specific needs. Depending on the type of your tattoo, including the colour, shape and the depth of the ink has been injected, your treatment can differ. And this new technology can accommodate all your tattoo removal needs. This gives you a better results on your laser tattoo removal treament.

Starting from your first laser tattoo removal treatment session, you can start seeing a change on the colour density of your tattoo. The number of the treatment sessions needed would change depending on your skin colour, skin type, colour of your tattoo and the area of your body which the tattoo is placed. The number of the treatment sessions that will be recommended by your laser tattoo removal expert can change from 2-3 to 10 depending on these variables.
After your laser tattoo removal treatment you will see small white circles on your tattoed area. These can then turn into little redness and mild swelling on the area can occur. If this is the case, do not worry as they will dissolve within 24 hours.
After the first 24 hours a thick crust will start appearing on the treated area. This is your skin’s natural reaction for recovery. The thick crust will then fall within 2 weeks. You can gradually see the fainting of the tattoo in colour and shape during this time. And in 6-10 weeks, you will be ready for your next laser tattoo removal session for the sent step.

What is different about Q-Switched laser?

Q-Switched laser is the latest technology in laser tattoo removal and pigmentation removal treatments. The main difference between the Q-switched lasers and the traditional lasers are that the Q-switched lasers are able to shatter much smaller fragments of ink or pigmentation. Which makes them much more effective than the older technologies.
While the Q-switched lasers are more effective, they are also much safer than the older technology tattoo removal lasers. It only targets the colouration on the skin and doesn’t harm the surrounding skin.
One other important and different quality you can reach with the q-switched lasers is that the laser promotes the collagen production over time and helps you to have a better skin texture as well as getting rid of your unwanted tattoo. Normal tattoo removal lasers can harm your skin after your treatment. But with Q-switched laser your skin will be restored too.

If you are looking to get rid of your old tattoos with an effective and safe solution why not visit our clinics? Our highly experienced laser tattoo removal practitioners offer free consultation and patch test with the latest Lumenis Stellar M22 Q switch technology.

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