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We’ve all heard about Superfoods…they’re the wonder stuff that can fight infections, beat the ageing process and encourage cell regeneration and healing. It’s not a joke…some foods have almost magical properties which if you’re interested in nutrition and in eating well you should learn to harness for your own good.

So called Superfoods are always natural….never processed and they are stuffed full of nutrients which work together to ensure that the food is powerful in terms of many positive effects.

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The Cucumber

Cucumbers fall into the Superfood category and they’re thought to be particularly good for the skin, the liver and kidneys and the joints. They are full of electrolytes and phytonutrients which are what ensure that they give you energy. Not only that but they’re also loaded with silica a mineral which is essential for healthy connective tissue in muscles, cartilage and bones and they are full of ionic potassium, vitamin C and magnesium!

Recent research has linked the consumption of cucumbers with reduced risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer in addition to cardiovascular disease.

Skin matters

As mentioned above, cucumbers are excellent for connective tissues which includes skin but that also means that they can be applied topically to improve your skin’s condition. The presence of ascorbic acid within cucumbers are what makes them excellent at calming down swollen or sore and tired eyes and they’re also great for sunburn and inflammation in general. If you suffer from water retention, cut some slices of cucumber and place them in the areas most affected and watch the magic at work!

If you are planning to apply cucumber topically it is important to seek out organic varieties; many cucumbers on the high street will have been exposed to pesticides and that’s not something you want on your skin. If you can’t find organic, then remove the skin and use them skinless.

Is there anything this amazing vegetable can’t do? The best thing about cucumbers is that they’re so easy to include in your diet…add a few slices to the side of any meal and they won’t be out of place. Dice them into salads, cut them into sticks to serve as a snack; they’re tasty, inexpensive and amazingly healthy…one of our most powerful Superfoods!


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