Stop Excessive Sweating With These Top Summer Tips!


There’s nothing worse than heading out to an outdoor get-together in the summer months and finding that a combination of public transport or car travel have caused sweat patches on your outfit or even worse, sweaty feet! Those of us who wear makeup religiously can dread the hotter season as the heat can cause serious makeup mishaps…runny mascara anyone?

Ways To Combat Excess Sweating

The good news is that there are ways to combat excessive sweating and to minimize the effects of it too. If you find that your ordinary deodorant isn’t enough to keep the underarm patches at bay then it might be time to have a rethink. Look at your clothing…is it 100% cotton or linen? If not then don’t wear it! Natural fibres allow our skin to breathe whilst nylon, viscose and polyester do not.

Wear loose fitting clothes and pack some body wipes in your bag…a quick refreshing wipe and reapplication of deodorant can save your outfit and spare your blushes! If you suffer from serious excessive sweating then it might be a good idea to visit your GP. Hyperhidrosis is a condition which affects people of all ages and both sexes and it’s a miserable way to live. The cause of it is unknown but sufferers can find that their palms, underarms and scalp become wet with perspiration and repeatedly so…it’s not something which calms down with a hand wash or an application of deodorant, it goes on and on.

Excess Sweat Treatments

There are treatments for it including Botox injections which can be very successful in slowing down and even stopping the effects of Hyperhidrosis and other useful interventions include stopping smoking, avoiding coffee and spicy foods. This advice is actually useful for everyone who finds that sweating is an issue…the problem with coffee, cigarettes and spicy foods is that they not only encourage sweating but are also known to make your sweat smell unpleasant!

Makeup Tips

If you like to wear makeup during the summer months then you will have fought a battle against runny mascara and slipping eye shadow already but there are some great products out there today which will help to keep your makeup where it belongs.

  • Silicone based foundation is extra long-lasting and will stay put no matter how high the heat’s turned up!
  • Waterproof mascara isn’t just for the pool! Layer it on with confidence on the hottest days and the racoon look will be a thing of the past!
  • Waterproof concealor is the best base and especially when it’s teamed with a good primer.

The heat needn’t play havoc with your beauty routine as long as you’re prepared!

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