Skincare Q&A with Lady Nadia Essex


Today we met with Lady Nadia Essex from the hit channel 4 show, Celebs Go Dating to discuss her skincare. Read on to find out her current skincare regime and what she would change about her skin!

How would you describe your skin?

Combination, I have an oily forehead, however my nose and lips are drier.

What’s your current skincare regime?

I have a simple skincare regime, focusing on always removing my make-up of an evening. Generally, I wash my face, use a make-up wipe, and then use micellar water to ensure that all my make-up has been removed. I will then follow up with a night cream.

Have you tried any aesthetic skin rejuvenation treatments before?

I have tried anti wrinkle injections a couple of times in the past. However, I haven’t had it for a few years as looking back I don’t think I needed it. I think in a couple of years when I am a little bit older I will try again. I have also tried Dermaroller, which I love.

Is there anything you would change about your skin?

I recently found out that I suffer from some food intolerances, and certain foods do have a negative effect on my skin. Simply eating clean and healthy for a week can really change my skin, in a positive way. However, the one thing I would change the most is my motivation to look after my skin. It’s only recently that I have really started paying attention to it and ensuring I take on a proper skincare regime.

How often do you go for skin treatments?

Not as often as I like, I go for a facial around every 6 months, and each time I think ‘I must do this more often’.

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