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Tattoo Survey

With some recent data collected by Escentual showing that around 4 out of 10 people in the UK regretting having a tattoo, London Premier Laser decided to conduct a survey in order to get an insight into people and their tattoos.

Below we have created an infographic to illustrate our findings:

tattoo infographic

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Tattoo Removal – The Perfect Solution To Your Unwanted Tattoos

If you are one of the 4 out of 10 people in the UK who now regrets having a tattoo the Premier Laser Clinic can help. Laser tattoo removal treatments have come a long way and the advanced systems now used can effectively remove your unwanted tattoos quickly and best of all most our patients report a virtually painless if not pain free experience.

A Breakdown Of The Infographic

Below is the breakdown of the age group of the people that we surveyed:

18-24: 15
25-30: 12
31-35: 8
36-40: 7
41-45: 5
46-50: 2
56-60: 1


Interestingly out of the 50 people individuals composed of 16 males and 34 females, just under half said that they had 6 or more tattoos.

Animal tattoos seem to be the most preferred type to have on the body with scientific and military themed ones being the least common. However as we only sampled 50 people this data is open to interpretation – for example if by chance we happened to survey 50 people who were part of the military we could expect to see a much higher number of people with military tattoos.

Surprisingly most people had no real reason for getting their tattoo, stating that they just fancied it. Either for personal reasons or as a way to mark a important event or memory was some of the most popular reason for getting inked. Other reasons people got a tattoo were either to decorate their body, for luck, to show patriotism or even as a way of expression.

When it came to the colour most people had a mixture of black and coloured tattoos with 18 people saying they have spent over £500 pound on their body ink alone.

With the majority of people saying they had a small to medium sized tattoo it makes sense that the most popular area for a tattoo was the arms, hands and wrist. The hip, neck and bum areas were the least favoured choice.


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