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beautiful heathy skin

Having beautiful skin doesn’t have to be something we only see within the few proceeding days from the spa and it shouldn’t be something we neglect. Putting into practice quick and simple techniques like exfoliating and knowing the needs of your skin can reduce blemishes, acne and set dry and oily skin right.

Cleanse Your Skin

Exfoliation can greatly assist you by removing dead skin cells to make way for the new cells. It can also help to de-clog your pores and act as a deep cleanse for removing excess dirt and oil. Researchers have shown that we touch our face an average of 3.6 times per day after touching the many surfaces, objects and people 6.6 times per hour and so there will be no morning or evening when our faces should not need a deep cleanse. Warm water should always be used as it opens up your pores instead of tightens them allowing the appropriate cleansing cream to release the dirt and grease collected throughout each day.

What Skin Type Are You?

By being aware of your skin type, you can own beautiful skin; it doesn’t have to be something that only the goddesses are blessed with. There are four different skin types; one of which yours will fall into: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin.

Skin Types Explained

The first three are quite easy to identify from looking at the surface area: normal skin is non-greasy, equally balanced skin subtle with a good level of moisture, but not enough to present itself as oily. Normal skin is also usually young skin with fairly closed pores preventing much of the grease which reaches our skin from being trapped within.

Pores of dry skin are tighter and can be prone to suffering in harsher temperatures both hot and cold. This is due to lack of water content making skin feel tight and uncomfortable. Then there’s oily skin which can often appear to be in need of more attention if not cleansed efficiently with large pores. It’s useful to know that skin types can change with regular alcohol consumption as pores can in fact grow in size and so normal healthy looking skin can change to oily skin.

Combination skin is something which can be misplaced for any of the outstanding skin types. This is because the t-zone – forehead and nose and chin can be oily whereas areas such as the cheeks can be normal. By knowing your skin type, you can avoid spending unnecessary money on cleansing treatments that shouldn’t be applied to your skin and with only a little understanding you can achieve healthy skin without fail and without a huge expense.

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