Should ALL Women Shave Their Faces?


It has been an age old question, should women shave, wax or pluck? Well apparently according to Angela Garvin in order for women to age better like men they should only shave their faces.

I know what you are going to say, doesn’t shaving encourages hair to grow back thicker, stronger and darker? Basically a women’s worst nightmare – I mean the whole reason is to remove hair, not encourage it grow back thicker and more noticeable than before.

However Angela has been shaving her face for the past 8 years and swears by the results. Even dermatologists endorse the idea and Angela has said that regular shaving has improved her complexion. She went on to say,

‘Make-up goes on more evenly and easily, products absorb better and my skin is in great condition. It’s the smoothest and brightest it’s been in years,’

Dr Micheal Prager who is a aesthetic clinician pointed out that from a anti aging point of view shaving the face regularly is “like a mild form of microdermabrasion‘ and therefore encourages collagen production.

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Should every woman SHAVE her face? It sounds crazy, but beauty experts say it’s the reason men age better – and it works for women too!

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